Duplicate all rows in a MySQL table

There are times where you need dummy data. And there are times where you need a lot of dummy data. I found a nice service called Mockaroo with which you can generate useful dummy data. The free service is capped at 1.000 entries. If you don't need unique data, but just a lot of data, you can simply duplicate the entries in your database until you have enough of it.

To do this you can use the following queries:

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmp SELECT * from table_name;  
INSERT INTO table_name SELECT 0, tmp.* FROM tmp;  

For it to work the field id should be auto_increment. The trick here being that when you insert 0 or NULL into such a field, it will be generated automatically.

Start with the 1.000 entries they provide, run those queries 10 times and you've got 1.024.000 in a few seconds.

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